Revolutionary Ireland


Drawing from his huge collection of images, George Morrison, Ireland’s most distinguished film maker and photographic restorer, has produced the essential photographic guide to a key period in modern Irish history. Revolutionary Ireland: A Photographic Record covers the entire sweep of the ferment that ended British rule in nationalist Ireland. Morrison reproduces photographs of the key people and events up to the end of the Civil War and beyond, including the background to the events themselves, as well as the transformative series of revolutionary moments—centred on the Easter Rising of 1916—that created modern Ireland. ‘Revolutionary Ireland is a fine culmination to George Morrison’s distinguished career as a documentarist.In this book the camera cuts through the ambiguity; the past is not a different country; it is not even past. The photograph is always now.’ – Bob Quinn, Irish Arts Review HARDBACK, 288 PAGES 9780717157099 GILL BOOKS ENGLISH 284 X 228 IN OCTOBER 2013